Hygiene Round Up- February


We are in full swing for February, which means National Children's Oral Health Month is almost over! What did you do to celebrate and educate on the importance of children's health? We were able to educate at a local school and take an amazing pediatric class from Spear to help improve our pedo game in office.  

Here are are few of our favorite things this month:

If you see irritation fibromas, maybe think twice about watching them for several years even if they don't bother the patient. With new research, there is a higher chance they'll turn into oral cancer then regular mucosa. 

Jessica and I signed up for ADHA Annual session this week! Who's going to be there? Let's connect!

Who does salivary testing in their office? We'd love to chat with you! Such an interesting field that I'd love to get more into.

I wouldn't be mad if I could wear these shoes to work everyday. 

Would you wear something like this, complete with calculus? I know I wouldn't.


Thanks for helping and supporting us here at Hygiene Edge! We mean it. Even over these last few slow months where we have been so busy! We're excited for big plans coming in the next few months!


June Favorites Round Up

This new scrub top is so cute.

Are you a student studying for boards or thinking of studying for boards? Check out this website to an amazing study program started by an even more amazing dental hygienist.

This new interproximal cleaning aid looks promising.

Prehistory dentistry. Pretty cool.

This upcoming webinar from ADHA about teledentristry looks interesting.

Has anyone tried these dental products? What did you think?

We are signing up for the International Journal of Evidenced Based Practice for the Dental Hygienist to stay up to date on the latest research.

New research on the correlation between periodontitis and breast cancer.

Our monthly round ups highlight some of our favorite articles, products, new research or even message board threads from that month. If you have a favorite that we missed, let us know below! We'd love to learn from it.