Meet Your Hygienistas

What is a Hygienista you ask? A Hygienista is a dental hygienist who makes other dental hygienists better. 

Shelley, RDH, BSDH truly enjoys helping hygienists become their best. She lives in Utah and has been practicing hygiene for 7 years and have been loving the dental field for a total of 15 years. Check out my profiles on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jessica, RDH, BSDH has 15 years of dental experience ranging from pulling charts as a sophomore in high school to brushing Filipino children's teeth after a typhoon. She has a passion for education and access to care.

Candi, RDH, BSDH  loves patient education. She is constantly learning about new products and techniques to help her patients live healthier, more complete lives.

Melia- RDH, BSDH grew up in the dental world. With 6 years of dental hygiene experience, 4 as a dental assistant, and hundreds of continuing education hours, she loves to learn and stay up to date on the latest technologies. 



"I wanted to tell you how much I love hygiene edge. I haven't practiced in a year and they have been so helpful in prepping for a few working interviews I have had. Just wanted to let you know how great I thought they were!"   – Jaycee

"Great videos! Nice to get a fresh view when you've been doing things the same way for years."   – Kristen 

"Thank you so much for your videos! I will be finishing hygiene school the end of July '15 and I enjoy watching your videos for little tricks."   – Carly

"I can't thank Hygiene Edge enough for your most helpful anesthesia videos. I have been practicing for 12 years (10 of them as a rock star at anesthesia and then lost my confidence the last 2 years, sadly.) Today, I got my groove back all thanks to your videos. Listening to doctors explain it WAY over complicated the situation and made it worse. So much better learning from a fellow "hygiene sister." Thank you so so much!!!"   – Catherine