2018 Hygiene Edge Survey

It's 2018! We are definitely excited for this new year. We know it's going to be a great year for you, for us at Hygiene Edge, and for dental hygiene! 

To make this the best year, we'd love to get your opinions and advice. We have a simple survey for you to be heard and to help tailor our information for this upcoming year. And as a thank you for filling it out, you can be entered to win a prize pack from our shop.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve! 

To fill out the survey, click here.

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New Year, New White Teeth


For some reason, a new year brings a flood of questions from patients about whitening. What's the best product? Is it damaging? What do you personally like? Of course, we could talk about whitening for an hour with our patients, but who has time for that? We've created a quick guide for you to print off and give to your patient, all about the different types of whitening on the market, average costs, time it takes, and how much it will work. 

Download the newest free hand out today! And keep an eye on our shop- we'll have lots of new downloads coming soon!


Spear Education Giveaway


A few months ago, I was out for a walk and ran into my neighbor down the street. She is the mom to two little ones. She expressed to me she was tired, which makes sense! However, she mentioned that her little boy, who is 2, was a horrible sleeper. He woke up in the night crying, moved around in his crib all night, was irritable during the day and wouldn't nap. Being a new mom myself, I didn't have any advice for her which I felt horrible about. She had been to her peditrition and they had no solution as well. I casually mentioned if he'd been the dentist yet because hey, you never know.

Fast forward to a few days ago. This friend gave me a call to tell me all about her son and the updates with his sleeping. Turns out seeing the dentist was just what he needed. She scheduled an appointment with a local dentist, and on examination, he saw large tonsils and a blocked airway. A referral to an ENT occurred, surgery happened to remove his adenoids and tonsils, and his sleeping has vastly improved. I was in shock and so impressed that they checked his airway and found the root of his sleeping problem. I unfortunately didn't know much about airway problems in children and felt horrible! As a hygienist I should've known and been able to give more advice to help with my friend's child inability to sleep.

Lucky for me, Spear Education reached out to us at Hygiene Edge and asked us to try out their education system this month. They offer live events, on demand CE courses, and a community of dental professionals to talk and collaborate on cases. They have an amazing course on pediatric airway, how to screen patients, what questions to ask parents, and what do to next if you suspect airway issues which I learned so much. I'm excited to talk to my office about adding screenings for airway issues to our regular hygiene visits and helping people like my dear friend!

Want to try out Spear Education for yourself, and up to 10 others in your practice, for 6 months? Enter to win by commenting below on what your favorite CE topics to learn about are. 

Contest Details: Winner, and up to 10 others in your office, will receive 6 months of the Spear Education online access. Winner will be announced on the blog our social media outlets by January 26, 2018. Winner will have 30 days to claim the prize. 



2017- A Year in Review


2018! How did this happen?

I’m definitely excited for a new year, a new start, and new opportunities in dental hygiene and with Hygiene Edge! But, before we jump into this new year with two feet, let’s reflect on 2017, shall we?

Last year was definitely one of our best years at Hygiene Edge. We learned so much, grew so much, and realized that Hygiene Edge is not just a hobby, but a passion that we love. We’ve loved getting to know more amazing hygienists and chatting all things dentistry with so many like-minded individuals.

Here are some of the highlights of 2017:

1.    Speaking! We were able increase our reach of dental hygiene through speaking at events all over Utah. We talked with hygienists about dental fads and myths, what we needed to know about them as professionals, and how to answer patients tough questions. We also chatted about local anesthesia, how to give local anesthesia to pedo patients, and how to numb for different dental treatments like wisdom teeth. If you’re looking for a speaker for an event, reach out to us! As much as we love the internet, we love interacting with dental hygienists face to face even more.

2.    Expanding our shop. When Hygiene Edge was first started, having our own shop wasn’t even in the plans. As we’ve grown, we’ve seen a need for classic dental gifts and easy to read hand outs and cheat sheets that weren’t covered in company logos. Hopefully the (few but soon more!) products our store has helped you in your dental hygiene practice.

3.    Meeting/emailing/chatting/messaging/Facetiming hygienists from all over the country. Personally connecting with hygienists, business owners, and students from all over has been amazing! We’ve learned so much from each conversation and it’s amazing to hear how Hygiene Edge has helped others.

Now, for our 2018 goals! We decided to include both a professional and personal goal this year, not only to help us keep them (gulp!) but to show that even though we love dental hygiene, we have lives too.

Hygiene Edge Goals:

1.    Grow our shop. We want to include more amazing guides and products to help your practice of dental hygiene or dental hygiene school go a little bit smoother. On crazy days, even the tiniest thing helps!

2.    Attend a national conference. Dental Hygiene Conferences on a national scale are definitely worth the time any money. So, we are planning our year to attend at least one to meet more amazing hygienists. Which one is your favorite?

3.    Be okay with where we are. There are days when we’d wish we were bigger, we could spend more time on making videos, or have contact with more companies and most hygienists. This year we are going to be nicer on ourselves and take one day at a time. We’ve loved growing to where we are now and we definitely want to grow, but at our own pace.


Professional: Attend American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session this summer. Do some simple stretches between each patient.

Personal: Adopt a baby. I’ve talked about my daughter a bit on Hygiene Edge before, but I don’t know if I mentioned I had a lot of health problems with pregnancy and she was born at 31 weeks. Because of that, we are hoping to adopt a little one to grow our family. You can learn more about it on our Instagram (@davidandmeliaadopt) or our new website that should be launching in the next little bit (www.davidandmeliaadopt.com) if you’re interested in following along and spreading the word!


Professional: Graduate with my masters of education in under 2 years! I started this month on my master’s degree which will be amazing but a lot of work. I’m excited to see where it will take me in this profession.

Personal: Write in my journal daily. Keeping a daily record help me foster gratitude and keep perspective on what really matters.


Professional: Make an amazing board review course. I’m lucky enough take over this year’s board review course at the school I teach at (Utah College of Dental Hygiene). Making amazing course for my students that will hopefully help hygienists all over the country is my goal.

Personal: Put down the phone and be present with my kiddies.


Professional: Start Vlogging! And do at least 10 vlogs this year.

Personal: Date my husband!

What are your goals for 2018 either professional or personal? Let us know so we can help support each other!