What Should I Take When I Temp?


Whether you are thinking about occasional temping or full-time temping it is a good idea to bring along a few essential items. Please adapt this list for your level of temping.

Items for Patient Treatment: 

Patient glasses

Blood pressure cuff

Supplies: Your patient education folder 

Your preference of instruments- (be sure to sterilize before you leave) 

Sharpening stone- Most instruments are not sharp when I temp (be sure to sterilize before you leave) 

Cordless Handpiece- (be sure to sterilize before you leave) 

Your own favorite no-hassle floss

Polishing paste, Prophy brushes. (Items you may want to try from the trade shows) 

For you:



Loupe light- HERE is one we wrote about that you can use to try out a light and then save for your favorite one.

Saddle chair

Den plugs- Start protecting your hearing from those high frequencies.

Nasal filters- Protect your patient and yourself from aerosols

Small clock to stay on-time. 

Patient Samples: Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, xylimelts, interproximal brushes (items you get at trade shows) 

Making It Memorable 

Xylitol suckers- For those pedo patients, an OHE tool for parents or a fun treat for the child tagging along with a parent.

Need to stock up on any of these items? Check out our Amazon Influencer storefront of recommended temping products HERE.

Want to know more ideas about temping read our article Becoming and Unforgettable Temp.

Disclaimer: We are #amazoninflencers we do get a commission if you buy a product we recommend. We have an influencer store front on Amazon HERE of products we find valuable for dental hygienists. We thank you for your support.

September Hygiene Round Up

We’ve collected some of our favorite dental hygiene articles and products from all over the web and completed them just for you!


Figs Scrubs (our fave) are on sale for 20% off today. I’m ordering a jacket!

Do you talk about weight at a dental visit?

Do you follow us on Instagram? We just showed the difference between each Nevi by Hu Friedy, and we’re working on a post right now about them (with a video on how to use them intraorally.

Who’s been using a cordless hand piece? There are so many new brands out there! What are you using and loving or hating?

We’re also interested in trying out the new Orascoptic Trucolor light.

Dental Hygiene Nation launched their fall line. This sweatshirt is our favorite.

Who dresses up for Halloween in a dental theme? Or dresses up as an office for a clinical day?

Need an interim light while you save for the one you really want. The light pictured is from amazon for 30$. See all about it in our recent post HERE. Or check it out on our Amazon shop HERE. #amazoninfluencer

Graduation Awards- So What?

A few weeks ago, Shelley, Jessica and I attended the graduation ceremony of the Dental Hygiene School we teach at. I sat in the audience and watched each student happily except their diploma and gain a degree, a career, and a social life all in one 10 foot stroll across a stage. And I’m sure like most dental hygiene school graduations, several students received awards for their time in school, from being awarded the “Golden Scaler” award for their clinical skills, to being a “Future Leader” for their volunteer work in SADHA and other dental events. Students were also recognized being  part of the SADHA leadership,  helping with volunteer events, and going on service trips while during their time in school.

When I was a student, I did none of this. I didn’t win any awards at my graduation. I wasn’t recognized for my hard work or my leadership qualities at this ceremony (let’s be honest- I was quiet and wasn’t part of the SADHA leadership at all, so that makes sense).  I went on a mission trip as a senior, but nothing was said about it since a few students went on 2 or 3 during school.  

Honestly, that graduation night I had so many emotions. So happy to finally be finished a huge and hard chapter of life, grateful my parents were there from Canada to cheer me on, but also a bit heartbroken not to receive any recognition of my 2 year time frame in school. Was I really that bad of a clinician/student/person? All the self doubt crept up that evening. Maybe dental hygiene wasn’t for me?

Fast forward 10 years later, and I know that any of that self doubt that evening was in vain. I’ve learned so much about hygiene, our profession and myself over years. I’ve learned that these awards may seem important at that very moment at graduation, and may be nice to add to a resume, but there are so many other ways to pad a resume, find a dream job, and continually grow and improve in our profession.  

So, if you’re a recent grad, congratulations! Did you just barely pass your classes? Who cares. You did it! You didn’t receive any awards during your time in school? So what. That’s just a blip in time. Are you questioning if hygiene is for you? You got this! Try it out and see instead of making up your mind before stepping into an office.

 I’m excited for you! And we here at Hygiene Edge are rooting for you at any stage.


We’d love to chat with any new (or more seasoned) dental hygienists! Email us with your thoughts or questions at hygieneedge@gmail.com, or comment below!


Advice for the New Dental Hygiene Student


Starting dental hygiene school this semester? CONGRATULATIONS! Getting into dental hygiene school is tough, and we’re proud of you for making it! Now, we want to warn you. Sometimes, the first few days of school is overwhelming. Learning about the clinic flow, the requirements needed to pass clinic, and the science course load on top of clinic can be overwhelming at times. However, you can get through these first few difficult weeks and make it through the rest of the two years! We’ve rounded up some of the best advice for the new RDH student and made a list to hopefully help make this first little bit a tiny easier.

“If you’re interested in joining SADHA, do it! You’ll learn some new leadership techniques, get to know different people in your class that you may not have originally, and have something different for your resume. I felt too insecure to run or be part of the leadership, which now I’m not sure why I was.”

“These first few days can be a lot. I remember the 1st semester of school being the most difficult. It gets easier as you get to know your professors, have patients lined up to come, and feel more comfortable with the flow of clinic.”

“Your professors and instructors are there to help you. Ask them for help!”

“Get really good at Google Calendars. Having each assignment on some sort of calendar keeps everything straight. Nothing is worse than showing up to class and realized you forgot to finish a paper that was due that day.”

“Watch videos to help with instrumentation. The Hygiene Edge ones are awesome.”

“Don’t worry about boards and clinicals in the 1st semester. Take it one day at a time and you’ll get to that point. As of right now, just study your classes, which are all on boards anyway, and you’ll be prepping for it in a round about way.”

Dental Labor Day Sales

These amazing Labor Day Sales are killing my pocket book! But with so many amazing ones, how could it not? We’ve rounded up some of our favorites so you can join in!

Figs- 25% all scrubs. We LOVE these scrubs, and really want to try a lab coat. Maybe we’ll order some today.

Dental Hygiene Nation- 30% off and free shipping with a $50 purchase. We love these fun dental products, and are our favorite to give as gifts. Anyone else starting to think about Christmas shopping?

Jaannuu Scrubs- 25% off site wide.

Hygiene Edge- us of course! Buy one, get one FREE of our Hygiene Edge Stickers. No code needed, we’ll just add extras to your order!