Jinx Challenge- Dental Edition

Ever seen the Jimmy Fallon Jinx Game? Watch it below for a quick and fun break between patients.

Now that you understand how the game works, we’ve made you your very own Jinx Challenge with a dental spin. Print off the words (card stock works great so you can’t see through the paper), grab a coworker or dental bestie, and try it out! See if you can connect and get as many Jinxes as you can! Plus, if you’re looking for a fun and easy game to start off a staff meeting, this game is the answer!

We’d love to see you play! Tag us @hygieneedge in your posts so we can see your cute faces!

Download the Hygiene Edge Jinx Challenge words here.

Is the Amazon Dental Light Worth it?


Last year, my loupes light broke. And I was heartbroken. It was my 1st patient of the day at 8 am. After the usual chit chat and radiographs, I laid the patient back and immediately put on my loupes and turned on the light. Except it didn’t turn on. I played with the cord, unplugged it several times, and double checked it was fully changed. But it still didn’t turn on. I felt blind the entire day! I have no idea how much I loved having a light until it was gone. I used loupes without a light for a few years even when I first got a pair of loupes, and didn’t know what I was missing! That evening, I jumped online to find a new light and to price out which brand to get, and what was in my price point. Turns out, it was going to take a while to buy a new light from one of the big brand companies, so of course, I turned to Amazon. And of course, there is an affordable option from overseas that would be at my house in 2 days. So I jumped on board and decided to try it for a few months. Here is what I found:



-       It was cheap. Like 5x cheaper than other dental specific brands.

-       It was the perfect light to get me through the months when I was out a professional light.

-       The newer model has a better clip than the older model. The one I purchased last year had a slip on clip that unfortunately didn’t fit on my Surgitel Oakley frames. However, the newer model has a clip that opens and should fit most designs and frames.



-       The cord is not flexible, which makes the light tricky to manage

-       The screw that attaches to the light isn’t that tight, so it tends to get loose over the day. At the end of the day, I use just a small screwdriver to tighten it.

-       The battery does not have a clip to attach to a pocket or a waist band. Instead, you just have to place the battery in your scrubs pocket which can be odd to get used it.

-       With the older model, the plastic slip on clip broke after a few months. After the plastic snapped, I couldn’t figure out a way to attach it to my safety glasses.

-       It gets really hot. My other light would warm up during the day, but this light would get difficult to touch or move if it had been left on for a few hours at a time.

-       The battery life lasts 4-5 hours when it’s brand new. So, I had to plug it in during lunch to make sure it latest the entire day. As I used it, the battery day span got shorter. But since they’re so cost effective, you could totally invest in 2 or 3 to have a few back up batteries on hand.

So, if you’re finding you need a light, this cost effective one on Amazon might be the answer!

Have you tried this light before? What’s your experience with it?

The Boge 513 A New Must Have Dental Instrument

Emily Boge, a fellow dental hygienist that I had the privilege to meet in person at the recent 2019 American Dental Hygienists' Association meeting, invented an instrument with a HOE on one side and a NEBRASKA 128 on the other. A hoe is particularly difficult to sharpen so when the XP Sharpen-Free Technology became available, eliminating the need for sharpening this unique instrument, the Boge 513 can now be an instrument you have in all of your setups. Check it out in our latest video.

Boge 513

How to Prep for a Dental Hygiene Convention


Convention Season is here! Going to a dental convention, especially a dental hygiene convention, is always a fun and exciting time in an RDH’s career. There’s always things to learn, new people to meet and learn from, and new products and technologies to learn about. I always love attending a convention to dentally geek out.

1. Come Prepared

Check out what classes are being offered and make a plan. Even spending a half hour before the convention begins will help you organize your time and make the most out of your educational experience at the convention. You’ll see all the classes and pick which ones apply to you most, instead of just attending whatever class has the most openings. If you’re going to spend the time and the money at a dental conference, might as well learn the most that’s going to apply to you in practice!

2. Wear Comfortable (especially not brand new) Shoes

It’s always fun to wear something other than scrubs and sneakers to a professional event. However, you do a ton of walking at these conventions. More than you think! You’re on your feet walking from your hotel to the exhibit hall, to your class across the center, then back to the exhibit hall, then over to lunch…. You get the idea. So much walking is involved so wearing those really cute brand new heels may not be the best choice. Save them for a party or a dinner that goes along with the convention.

3. Bring a Sweater

Is it 100 degrees outside while you’re at the convention? Who cares! It’ll be 68 degrees in your classrooms, so I’d dress for that weather instead of what’s going on inside. Bring a sweater or a shawl to wrap around you when those classrooms get chilly. Being cold makes it very difficult to concentration on what’s being presented.

4. Reach out to Companies Beforehand

If you have a certain company or product you want to see, reach out beforehand! Let them know you’ll be stopping by the booth to see it and would love more training on it. That will ensure they have it on hand if they know someone’s interested.

5. Enjoy It!

You’ll love being at the convention! Enjoy every second! Go to all the classes, network with other dental hygienists from all over the country at lunch, sit by someone new at an event. You never know who you’ll meet or who you’ll learn from for a lifelong dental bestie.

Do you have plans to attend any dental conventions soon? Anyone went to ADHA Annual Session last week? What is your favorite part about attending these conferences?