Oral Hygiene for New Parents

With infants, the first line of defense for good lifetime oral habits is educating the new mom before the baby is born. But in a 45 or 60 minutes appointment, who has time to educate the mom on her hygiene, then also be able to talk about eruption patterns and fluoride for her new baby? We’ve created a FREE printable to give to your expecting patients all about their new baby. It’s the perfect reference guide for basic hygiene questions for a new baby. 


To download the printable PDF, click HERE.

Successful Pediatric Appointments

       As we end national children dental health month I ask myself what is a successful dental appointment for a child. I was a pediatric dental assistant for years before I became a dental hygienist. I saw temper tantrums, tears, terrorists and some teeth marks too. One of the phrases I found myself recite over and over to disappointed parents was, "don't worry, this is common behavior," when their young child wasn't ready to jump in and love the dentist experience. 

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