The Dental Hygiene Scoop- 5 Cool Things You May Have Missed This Month

Here is the scoop on all things dental hygiene that you may have missed.

1. Check out THIS new chart about tasks that hygienists are allowed to perform in each state.

I think I need to move to Colorado.

2. Want to know how much to ask for in that next raise? Read THIS, from Modern Hygienist about the latest hourly rates for hygienists.

3. Learn more HERE about a new way to treat caries with silver diamine fluoride.

I think it is a miracle product!!!!

4. HERE as a unique article from RDH magazine about bed bugs in the office.

How is that even possible, bed bugs, YUCK!

5. Read THIS hilarious story of a dentist who changed his last name to "Better" so that he could keep the name of his practice, “Better Dental.”

I am considering changing my name to Shelley Best. So I can someday call my practice Best Dental Hygiene. HA