Improve Your Oral Cancer Screenings

Looking for a new and simple way to up your hygiene appointment? What about focusing on oral cancer screenings and adding a device to help you see suspicious areas? We recently tried out the OralID system from Forward Science and loved it. It's light weight, easy to use, and doesn't require special filters. Check out our latest video showing how it works.

Do you use any oral cancer screening device in your office? What do you use? Let's talk about it below!

Dental Hygienist Spotlight: Deborah McGlynn

Name: Deborah McGlynn RDH, BS

Where you went to school/graduation year?

Clark College, Vancouver, WA.  Graduated 1981 from Dental Hygiene

University of Washington, Seattle, WA.  Graduated 1983 with BS

What are you doing know?

 I work in private practice 3 days per week

Train dental hygiene students and hygienists privately on clinical skills and ergonomics,

I am the Managing Director and Continuing Education Officer for my company DH Cubed, LLC

 What was the inspiration of your new business?

 I started DH Cubed, LLC because as a personal dental hygiene trainer of 17 years and a dental hygiene educator for 13 years prior to that, I began to realize every person I gave private lessons to needed help on the same fundamental concepts.   I started to brainstorm on how I could get this live training to more people.  This is what inspired me to begin to develop the experiential, innovative training we have developed at DH Cubed.

I am very passionate about bringing ergonomics to dental hygiene to decrease the work related injury rate that is present. The basis of our training is to increase skills and efficiency while decreasing pain and injury for dental hygienists.    


Any funny stories from practice?

 After being a hygienists for 36 years it’s hard to pick just one funny story, given the nature of working with people right?! But, one of the funniest things that sticks in my mind is the time I was working on a 8mm pocket on #16D!!!!!!  HARD!! Right?  I was struggling and thinking so hard about what I was feeling and trying to get into the pocket, let alone get to the base of the pocket!  About 10 minutes into this struggle I realized I had my left fulcrum finger for my mirror anchored up the patients left nostril…holding on for dear life!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  What was I going to say to the patient or how was I going to get my finger out of his nose gracefully!!  What must he be thinking?  To save both of us embarrassment, I just quietly removed my finger, changed my glove, and went back to working on the distal of #16.  I didn’t say a word! 

To this day I still don’t know what that patient must have been thinking!

Any advice for a brand new hygienist? 

Never give up!  Never give up on yourself and never give up on your patients. There are days when this job is really difficult.  You have to deal with patient’s fears, stressors they may be experiencing by being there or just in their lives, your stressors, working in a tight confined space in the mouth, let alone the mess their mouth may be in.  

Never give up!  This career is so rewarding.  I love the challenges it gives me.  The challenge of calming the patient down and having them smile at the end of the appointment, the challenge of getting their mouth really healthy and having them take on the responsibility of taking care of their own health, the challenges of connecting with that teenager that barely says anything while in your chair, the challenges of keeping yourself motivated…and on and on and on….

You can make your career whatever you want it to be!  Why not make it great!

Want to win a OneTen for yourself, plus receive 2 free CE's when you learn about all sharpening and their product? "Like" the DH Cubed Facebook page, then comment below how you currently sharpen (sharpening service, paper guide, eyeball it, etc.) We'll pick a winner next week!!

What Your Patients are Talking About: AP24 Toothpaste

If you're on social media at all, you've probably seen the posts- the ones with amazing whitening results after a few days of using a new unnamed toothpaste. Let's dig in a bit more on this new product that so many people were talking about and selling through social media.

1. AP 24 toothpaste is from a company called Nuskin, a multilevel marketing company that sells different skin care products. People sign up to be a distributor of the products then do their own promoting of them. That is definitely why it grew so fast on social media since individuals would make their own claims and take their own photos and it caught on to others.

2. If you're wondering what's the deal with the toothpaste and if it actually will live up to it's claims, look at the ingredients. Here is a breakout of each ingredient and what it is used for:

    Sodium Monofluorophosphate- fluoride to help protect enamel

    Water- prevents drying of product

    Hydrated Silica- tasteless, white, gelatinous substance that has a slight abrasiveness

    Sorbitol- sugar substitute for flavor

    Alumina- slight abrasive 

    Glycerin- prevents drying of product, can contribute to a flavor-extending effect, helps with preservation

    Tetrasodium- tarter control agent removing calcium and magnesium from saliva

    Pyrophosphate- emulsifier and thickening agent

    PEG-12- mild abrasive, prevent water loss and acts as a stabilizer for the product

    Dimethicone- antifoaming agent

    Poloxamer 338- surfactant

    Poloxamer 407- surfactant

    Cellulose Gum- thickener

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- foaming agent

    Flavor (Aroma)- taste

    Sodium Saccharin- artificial sweetener for taste

    Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)- coloring to make the product white

As you can see, there isn't an actual whitening ingredient in this paste like a baking soda or a hydrogen peroxide. So the whitening claims are a little fishy to me.

3. From the Nuskin fact sheet, the AP24 toothpaste as an RDA of 70-80. Studies have shown that toothpastes under an RDA value of 250 are acceptable to use. Based on the abrasiveness, this toothpaste is safe to use.

4. The paste is very similar to other over the counter toothpastes but has a higher $20 price tag. We've had patient's swear by it and it has helped their gingivitis because they will use it! One patient reported that since they spent $20 on a toothpaste, they were definitely going to use it all. Hey, whatever to help our patients keep up with their home care!

Since social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon, a new dental fad will probably pop up in a few months. And when you see it, don't be shy to dig a little deeper on the claims that are being made. Doing a little research will help you become the best hygienist and be able to accurately educate your patients on safe and healthy oral hygiene practices. 

Have you tried the AP24 toothpaste? What was your experience? What have you patients been saying about it?

Dental Hygienist Spotlight: Susan Cornwell




Name: Susan Cornwell

Schooling: I attended Western Carolina University from 92-94 and then transferred to Asheville Buncombe Community College for 94-96 where I received my Associates in Allied Health.

Where do you work now? I have worked in specialty offices such as perio, pedo, clinical health department setting and for the last twelve years for Dr. Jason Shook which is a great general dentist office. I currently work three days a week and also occasionally do temp work in the Western part of North Carolina. I am also the OSHA coordinator for our office for the last 5 years.


What's one piece of advice you'd give a new hygiene grad? I have had some work related aches and pains and wish I could tell my younger self to learn all you can about ergonomics in the dental office and do it!

I have three great kids and my oldest is working as a dental assistant at a local orthodontic office. Dentistry is a field where you can be set in your ways or open to new ideas and techniques. I choose to stay motivated, to never stop learning. I choose to get to know my patients, to help people have good dental health and love their smile. Its the prettiest thing we will ever wear.

Thank you Susan for being spotlighted on Hygiene Edge! If you or someone you know would like to be recognized for being an amazing hygienist, let us know! Email