Stuff Your Patients Are Talking About: The Brushies

One night as I was pursing Instagram, the cutest photo of little ones brushing their teeth with bright brushes caught my eye. Turns out the brushes in the photo weren’t just brushes but finger puppets to make brushing fun called The Brushies. Having a 2 year old, I definitely wanted to try them out on her and know a little bit more about the company and product.

The Brushies were created by two mom doctors, a dentist and a psychologist, that had a hard time getting their own kids to brush, let alone their patients. So, have a fun and interactive way to brush was a must and The Brushies were born. They are made of 100% food grade silicone that is all natural and BPA and phthalate free and can be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned (my favorite feature).  The set also some with a book to read along and get to know the 4 different Brushies characters to make the brushing experience more interactive and fun.


I tried them on my daughter and she loves them! I wish I had them earlier in her life when she fought brushing more than she does now. She loves reading the book and playing along with the Brushies finger puppets. The only thing I noticed was they were a tad large since they cover an adult finger, which may be hard to use on a 6 month old. However, the gift pack is a perfect shower gift for any new mom.


If you want to purchase one for yourself or learn more about them, check out Amazon  or their website. 

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