Need Free CE Credits? Look No Further.

I'm not going to lie. I love CE's. I love going to classes, learning new ideas, and being inspired. Even with my love of classes, I've still found myself scrabbling for a few extra credits right before license renewal. After having my daughter, getting out of the house for a couple days or even a couple hours is tricky! We've compiled a list of websites so you will never get find yourself in that situation again!

Before taking any online course, I would recommend contacting you State Dental Licensing Board to see their regulations on how many online credits you can take for each renewal period, how many have to be in different topics, and if "live" classes held online can count toward your "live" credits for renewal. Each state is so different, so always double check. To make it even easier, sign up for CE Zoom to help track your credits and to have them double check to see if they're count!

Dental Care by Crest is regularly adding new classes to their long list. These are self study courses, so if you are an audio learner, this might not be the best option for you.

Colgate Oral Health Network

Colgate sponsors live webinars a few times a month. What I love about it is they vary times. Lots of webinars are always held at the same time (8 PM eastern) which doesn't always work for my schedule. So, having them mix it up with times, even having some during the day for hygienists outside of the US, is great! Sign up for their emails to keep updated on their class schedule. 


Viva Learning offers several live classes a week, plus keeps these webinars on their website to watch later. This is one of my favorite websites for both dental and dental hygiene topics. Their classes are always 1 hour long and require a little quiz after the webinar is complete.


Hu-Friedy offers classes both on demand and live. Sign up for their emails to know when the class live classes will be held. I recently watched one on subgingivial air power polishing that was very interesting.


These self study courses cover a varitey of topics. One that caught my eye was "Successful Appointment Transitions for the New Dental Hygienist". 


Though most of their CE's are paid, they will sometimes offer free classes. They also have great articles to keep up with the latest in dental hygiene. 

American Eagle Instruments

American Eagle offers a 1 CE credit course on instrumentation and offer it regularly. Keep an eye on their website to find out when the class is held. 

Good luck getting that CE, guys! 

Where are you favorite places to get CE? What has been your favorite class recently?