The Most Important Instrument

The Most Important Instrument

It was a Monday afternoon and I had settled into my daily routine. I was sitting on the edge of my chair, legs crossed, torso twisted just finishing up on the towards surfaces on the mandibular anteriors when I my coworker chided me "You don't teach your students to sit like that, do you?" She rightfully doesn't have sympathy for me when I have a sore back. I have only met one hygienist in my entire dental career whom has claimed to not have had any musculoskeletal symptoms resulting from time spend in the dental operatory chair. She was also very dedicated to her yoga practice. I thought to myself "Ain't nobody got hime for dat!"

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Could a Pillow Change Increase Your Hygiene Career Longevity?

About 1 year ago I woke up with a kink in my neck that prevented me from turning my head to the right without experiencing a lot of pain. Have any of you had a similar experience? It took several visits to the chiropractor to get me functioning again. I vowed to have better ergonomics, use my loupes and light and do daily stretching. A massage therapist, turned dental hygienist, recommended to me to use the tri-core pillow. She mentioned that the positions we sleep in have a lot to do with how our body functions during the day and through out our lives. The longer I am a hygienist the more I realize that I need to take care of my body in as many ways as possible.

My personal review of the tri-core pillow is that it gives great support to my neck while sleeping on my side and back. I ordered the medium one but wish I had gotten the large. I Hope this small change can help increase the longevity in your career and prevent neck pain.

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                                                           TRI-CORE PILLOW