E-Book: Clinical Tips for Passing Boards


E-Book: Clinical Tips for Passing Boards

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Finally, a book on tips for passing clinical dental hygiene boards. This 11 page e-book discusses a specific recipe for passing clinical boards. Comprised of writings, and 20 how-to video demonstrations. 

Author Shelley Brown, RDH, BSDH  has been a clinical instructor since 2009. She loves working with students and is a favorite for her ability to help students feel confident in their skills.  She has also provided students who are having difficulties passing their clinical dental hygiene boards with the following techniques and has a 100% pass rate. 

This digital copy comes in a PDF version with embedded links to our exclusive private videos about anesthesia delivery, ultrasonic, and hand instrument techniques needed to pass clinical boards.

100% refund of the book if you don't pass. 

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Comes as a digital PDF that will include a links to unlisted videos via our YouTube channel. You must have access to YouTube and internet connection to view. Download the pdf within 24 hours and save it to your personal files so that you can access it at any time. 

Educational Review:  Shelley taught me a boards sequence that not only was excellent for boards but it is something that I incorporate daily in private practice. She taught me many skills that I felt were not given as much attention in school. I loved my one on one time with her and definitely could see the improvement  in my skills.