The Boge 513 A New Must Have Dental Instrument

Emily Boge, a fellow dental hygienist that I had the privilege to meet in person at the recent 2019 American Dental Hygienists' Association meeting, invented an instrument with a HOE on one side and a NEBRASKA 128 on the other. A hoe is particularly difficult to sharpen so when the XP Sharpen-Free Technology became available, eliminating the need for sharpening this unique instrument, the Boge 513 can now be an instrument you have in all of your setups. Check it out in our latest video.

Boge 513

How to Prep for a Dental Hygiene Convention


Convention Season is here! Going to a dental convention, especially a dental hygiene convention, is always a fun and exciting time in an RDH’s career. There’s always things to learn, new people to meet and learn from, and new products and technologies to learn about. I always love attending a convention to dentally geek out.

1. Come Prepared

Check out what classes are being offered and make a plan. Even spending a half hour before the convention begins will help you organize your time and make the most out of your educational experience at the convention. You’ll see all the classes and pick which ones apply to you most, instead of just attending whatever class has the most openings. If you’re going to spend the time and the money at a dental conference, might as well learn the most that’s going to apply to you in practice!

2. Wear Comfortable (especially not brand new) Shoes

It’s always fun to wear something other than scrubs and sneakers to a professional event. However, you do a ton of walking at these conventions. More than you think! You’re on your feet walking from your hotel to the exhibit hall, to your class across the center, then back to the exhibit hall, then over to lunch…. You get the idea. So much walking is involved so wearing those really cute brand new heels may not be the best choice. Save them for a party or a dinner that goes along with the convention.

3. Bring a Sweater

Is it 100 degrees outside while you’re at the convention? Who cares! It’ll be 68 degrees in your classrooms, so I’d dress for that weather instead of what’s going on inside. Bring a sweater or a shawl to wrap around you when those classrooms get chilly. Being cold makes it very difficult to concentration on what’s being presented.

4. Reach out to Companies Beforehand

If you have a certain company or product you want to see, reach out beforehand! Let them know you’ll be stopping by the booth to see it and would love more training on it. That will ensure they have it on hand if they know someone’s interested.

5. Enjoy It!

You’ll love being at the convention! Enjoy every second! Go to all the classes, network with other dental hygienists from all over the country at lunch, sit by someone new at an event. You never know who you’ll meet or who you’ll learn from for a lifelong dental bestie.

Do you have plans to attend any dental conventions soon? Anyone went to ADHA Annual Session last week? What is your favorite part about attending these conferences?


Gracey's, Gracey's, Gracey's Galore

The Gracey series is a must-have in any hygiene tool kit. One challenge with Gracey’s is that they are a challenge to sharpen. The exciting news is that American Eagle Instruments have made it so you no longer have to worry about sharpening them anymore, by manufacturing them with the XP Shapren-Free Technology. When using any instrument with XP Sharpen-Free technology be sure to:

  • NOT sharpen them

  • Use a modified exploratory-like stroke to remove deposits (see videos below for demonstration)

  • Not to “pop” of the calculus, but to shave it off from the top of the deposit to the tooth, similar to how it is done with an ultrasonic.

Check out the 15-16 or M, L, and B surfaces and the 13-14 for D surfaces below

15-16 Gracey

13-14 Gracey with XP Sharpen-Free Technology

Double Graceys are also made with XP Sharpen-Free technology. A double Gracey is a combined 11-12, 13-14 into one. You no longer have to pick up two different Gracey instruments during treatment or figure out how to sharpen such an intricate instrument.


Check out the posterior and anterior double Gracey instruments in our latest videos below.

Double Gracey Mini anterior and posterior

Double Gracey Standard anterior and posterior

At the recent American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session, a lecture was provided by Anna Pattison, an instrumentation guru. Our own Jessica Atkinson was able to attend and learned to take shorter strokes, at a rolled adaptation interproximal to reduce burnishing calculus. You can see this adaptation stroke in the videos above.

The TapKin A Bib Clip Free Patient Cover

As dental hygienists one of our biggest rolls is that of the infection control guru in the office. I would dare say that we are the most knowledgeable on this topic in the office. Being a dental assistant prior to becoming a dental hygienist, I can say that as dental assistant I lacked the knowledge of the importance of proper infection control. In dentistry we are always searching for ways to reduce cross contamination and at the same time increase efficiency. Check out our latest video below and learn all about the TapKin, a bib clip free patient cover, that allows you to #ditchthebibclip and reduce cross contamination.

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Contest rules can be found HERE.


New RDH Grad Advice


Congratulations to all the amazing new 2019 dental hygiene grads! As we all know, hygiene school is hard, fun, stressful, empowering, all the emotions wrapped up in a 2 year package. Graduating and passing boards exams are such a highlight of the entire experience. I’m not going to lie- I have some of the best memories of college in my last semester of dental hygiene school. Possibly because the lows are very low, but the highs are high?

And now- it’s over! Congrats again. But, now what? Transitioning from being a (more than) full time student to looking for the perfect office to call home can be tricky. We’ve asked dental hygienists from all over the country to give their advice. Here are some of our favorites:

“Take it one day at a time. Don’t let one bad day, one bad appointment, one bad set of radiographs sully your entire career”

“Stay at an office for at least 2 months before jumping ship-unless it’s a horrible situation”

“Be a member and stay active in your professional organization, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. You never know who you will meet through the association, or where your career will take you. Having a backing as well to support the profession as you grow into it is also amazing.”

“Invest in yourself from day one. Buy your own loupes and saddle chair if you need to. Take time to stretch during the day. Taking care of yourself should be #1. Isn’t there a saying that you have to take care of yourself before you take care of other people?”

“Be a life long learner. Dentistry is a science, and it’s always changing and improving. Stay up on your CE credits and classes not because you have to for your license, but because you want what’s best for yourself and for your patients.”

What’s your advice for a new grad? Or the best piece of advice you received as a new graduate?