What Your Patients are Talking about: Quip

What you seen this new toothbrush brand called Quip? We did a giveaway a few weeks ago with a few brushes for National Dental Hygiene Month. They also do quite a bit of advertising on social media. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure your patients have and they will no doubt be asking you about it very soon.

Quip sells toothbrushes, both manual and electric, and toothpaste. They also offer a replacement system where every 3 months, new brushes, brush heads, or toothpaste is sent to the patient automatically which is pretty handy for most of our patients that don't think too much about their oral health care. Their brushes come with a slim travel case.

A couple things I liked about Quip after using it for a few weeks:

1.    The subscription component. I love the ideas of having a new brush automatically shipped to a patient after 3 months of us. It will definitely make patients aware how fast 3 months will go between toothbrushes, and keep them up to date with changes their brushes.

2.    The handle design. First off, it just looks clean. Second, the handle is weighted, so if you place the toothbrush down on your sink counter, the bristles are always going to pointing up and never touching the counter, giving it the perfect placement to completely dry in between brushings.

3.    On the back of the toothpaste, there is a diagram of exactly how much toothpaste to use on the toothbrush. Sometimes, patients associate the mint taste of toothpaste with being clean and can go a little overboard with placing so much paste on their brush. However, with limiting the amount of toothpaste will hopefully make patients aware of how their teeth actually feel without biofilm.

Some things that weren’t my favorite:

1.    The electric toothbrush. Though it is advertised as being comparable to a Sonicare or an Oral B, it definitely isn’t. It would compare more to a Spinbrush since it is battery operated and the vibration of the bristles doesn’t come close to how a Sonicare works. I ended up using the electric brush as a manual without turning it on. For patient’s, recommend they try out the manual toothbrush instead of spending the extra money on the electric brush.

2.    The bristles are a bit on the tough side when compared to an extra soft or sensitive toothbrush. For a heavy brushing patient, I probably wouldn’t recommend this brush system for them.

They also have a new professional section where dental professionals can order their own products to try out for cost. So you don’t have to take my word for it, you can try it out yourself! Once you have, let us know what you think!

 Have your patients asked about Quip, or any other product advertised on social media, yet?