Hygiene Bingo

Need a Tuesday Pick Me Up? We have the perfect solution! HYGIENE BINGO!

How to Play:

1. Print off a Hygiene Bingo card for yourself and your hygiene coworkers. There are five different cards for you to choose from. 
2. Keep an ear out in your office for common saying that patients mention during the day.
3. Cross out each box as you hear them!
4. After you have a BINGO or a black out, upload a photo of your card to our Facebook (www.facebook.com/hygieneedge) or tag it (#hygienebingo) on Instagram for a chance to win a PRIZE!

Now let's have some fun this week playing HYGIENE BINGO!


Bingo Card 1

Bingo Card 2

Bingo Card 3

Bingo Card 4

Bingo Card 5