How to Feel Renewed as a Dental Hygienist

 Are you hitting your 7 year, 7 month, or 7 hour slump of your career? Being a dental hygienist is hard. It’s hard on our bodies, minds, and self esteem. It can also be one of the most rewarding professions by helping so many people smile, so don’t throw in you scalers just yet! Follow these quick tips to help recharge your hygiene spark. 

1.     Get a Mentor. Do you know any Dental Hygienists that you admire and are interested in their life? Having these connections and learning from your colleagues can help inspire your career, learn from their mistakes and grow from their experiences. It also can be great to bounce dental hygiene ideas off of, ask hygiene related questions, or even vent about  a hard work day with. No one can relate as better as friend that knows your dental hygiene world.

2.     Go to a dental convention. Going to a dental convention or class does cost money, but in the long run, it could help make you money. It will help renew your love of dental hygiene, become inspired by other hygienists to improve your workspace, and show your employer you are committed to your career. In turn, being educated and expanding your knowledge of dental hygiene skills could be a good bargaining tool when the time to ask for a raise arises. Also, being inspired can make your practice of dental hygiene more enjoyable and keep you motivated to work those long hours. Don’t go for the CE’s- just go for yourself and learn for the fun of learning! Some options of sessions this summer: RDH Under One Roof is in Las Vegas this summer July 15-17, and ADHA Annual Session is in Nashville Jun 17-23.

3.     Read Dental Hygiene Magazines and Blogs. If going to a convention is out of the question, get inspired with all the free dental hygiene publications. In them, you can learn about other dental hygienists experiences from all over the country. You can read about the latest products, request samples, and learn about the newest techniques. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is a free monthly magazine that is full of great information on clinical skills, business how-to's, workplace relationship improvement ideas, and everything else dental hygiene related. Subscribe to the free publication HERE.

4.     Get a new pair of scrubs, new shoes, a new headband, anything. Sometimes having something new, even if its small, will help motivate getting to work in the morning. That morning boost can help keep your spirits up all day.

We love dental hygiene and want you to feel the love for this amazing profession. The little steps listed seem minor, but they could help in a major way. Anytime you are feeling a little down with dental hygiene, try to switch it up with a tip and see if it helps!