Great Morning Huddle Tips and Tricks

Team huddles in the morning can either make or break your clinical day. They can either be a great team and production-building tool or bore the entire office. If you have meetings or are thinking of holding them, make sure you follow these few tips to make them worth the time.

1.     Have an agenda. Having an agenda will make sure the meeting flows, everything is covered, and the meeting stays on topic. Put someone in charge of creating this agenda but allow everyone to contribute to it beforehand if they have ideas on how to improve your office.

2.     Discuss that day’s schedule. Discuss new patients, openings in the day where hygiene patients with needed restorative work can be scheduled, and any personal information coming up about patients, like birthdays or celebrations.

3.     Review marketing techniques for the office. Talk about any current promotions your office has, what is happening on your social media, and remind everyone in the office to ask for referrals and online reviews.

4.     Start and finish on time. You loose staff attention if you go over the allotted meeting time anyway. We are expected to stay on time with patients, we should hold the same standards with our personal meetings.


Does your office have regular morning huddles? What works for your office?