September Hygiene Round Up

We’ve collected some of our favorite dental hygiene articles and products from all over the web and completed them just for you!


Figs Scrubs (our fave) are on sale for 20% off today. I’m ordering a jacket!

Do you talk about weight at a dental visit?

Do you follow us on Instagram? We just showed the difference between each Nevi by Hu Friedy, and we’re working on a post right now about them (with a video on how to use them intraorally.

Who’s been using a cordless hand piece? There are so many new brands out there! What are you using and loving or hating?

We’re also interested in trying out the new Orascoptic Trucolor light.

Dental Hygiene Nation launched their fall line. This sweatshirt is our favorite.

Who dresses up for Halloween in a dental theme? Or dresses up as an office for a clinical day?

Need an interim light while you save for the one you really want. The light pictured is from amazon for 30$. See all about it in our recent post HERE. Or check it out on our Amazon shop HERE. #amazoninfluencer