Gracey's, Gracey's, Gracey's Galore

The Gracey series is a must-have in any hygiene tool kit. One challenge with Gracey’s is that they are a challenge to sharpen. The exciting news is that American Eagle Instruments have made it so you no longer have to worry about sharpening them anymore, by manufacturing them with the XP Shapren-Free Technology. When using any instrument with XP Sharpen-Free technology be sure to:

  • NOT sharpen them

  • Use a modified exploratory-like stroke to remove deposits (see videos below for demonstration)

  • Not to “pop” of the calculus, but to shave it off from the top of the deposit to the tooth, similar to how it is done with an ultrasonic.

Check out the 15-16 or M, L, and B surfaces and the 13-14 for D surfaces below

15-16 Gracey

13-14 Gracey with XP Sharpen-Free Technology

Double Graceys are also made with XP Sharpen-Free technology. A double Gracey is a combined 11-12, 13-14 into one. You no longer have to pick up two different Gracey instruments during treatment or figure out how to sharpen such an intricate instrument.


Check out the posterior and anterior double Gracey instruments in our latest videos below.

Double Gracey Mini anterior and posterior

Double Gracey Standard anterior and posterior

At the recent American Dental Hygienists’ Association Annual Session, a lecture was provided by Anna Pattison, an instrumentation guru. Our own Jessica Atkinson was able to attend and learned to take shorter strokes, at a rolled adaptation interproximal to reduce burnishing calculus. You can see this adaptation stroke in the videos above.