Ways to Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month


It’s here! It’s October. Not only does this month come with season changes, lots of hayrides and pumpkins, and sweater weather, it brings the best thing to celebrate all year- National Dental Hygiene Month! We are very excited to celebrate this special month with you over the new few weeks. Are you looking for some ideas on how to celebrate? We’ve thought of a few we’ll be doing this month!

1.     Share about it on your Instagram or Facebook! Let all your friends and family know how important oral health is to you and it should be to them. Highlight what you do as a dental hygienist each day and how much you love your career and taking care of your patients every day. I had a few students mention they had no idea what dental hygienists did before coming to school, but coming into school has opened their eyes to how important dental hygiene really is and how smart RDHs is as well! If people searching out, shadowing and actually coming to school to be a dental hygienist doesn’t truly know the extend of what we do, what does the general public know? Let’s work together to educate, and this month is the perfect excuse!

2.     Paint rocks and hide them around town. Does your town have painted rocks around? They are definitely a fun way to do something different to promote oral health. Include a specific hashtag for your office or include #NDHM so you can see where they end up!

3.     Attend a local ADHA event. Do you know where they are held? If you don’t know, we can help you! Email us! Do you ever attend their meetings? Sign up and support! You’ll meet dental hygienists locally to you, and learn something new. Having a network of hygienists that are close to home in so important when it comes to finding a new job in your area, plus you can discuss cultural concerns and situations that are common in your area with your new RDH friends.

4.     Order yourself a new name tag. Get a new, simple name tag (especially if you don’t ever wear one) that includes your first name, your title and that you’re a dental hygienist. Let your patients know by this simple act that you’re different than the assistant or dentist, and that you have a unique and critical role in their health care.

5.     Sign up for a dental hygiene magazine, like RDH Magazine or Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. They’re free, come every month or so, and are a great way to learn about new products. Plus, since they come regularly, it’ll keep National Dental Hygiene Month going all year! I love when they come, can review them during a slower clinical day, and learn a new skill or review different medications or syndromes.

6.     Since this month also includes “Treat Yourself” Day on October 13 (any Parks and Recs Fans here?!), why don’t you treat yourself this month! Buy yourself a new pair of scrubs and throw an old, faded pair away. Look into a yoga class to keep your body stretched and healthy. Replace your old clinical chair with a new saddle chair. Your body and career will thank you as you treat yourself this month.

How are you celebrating? We’d love to know and join with you!