Some Things You Don't Learn In a Text Book


If you are a dental nerd like me you love all things dentistry. Even after school there are so many interesting things to learn and implement.  I do keep a few trusty old books close by in the operatory for reference, as you can see in my photo, but one thing school books don’t train you on is your chairside manner. I remember struggling as a new grad to find my stride on educating patients on treatment plans and providing the best customer service. I ordered book after book on the best practices to become an amazing hygienist, and how to build a hygiene department. There are so many great resources we have in dental hygiene to guide us on this path. 

Here at Hygiene Edge we have a subscription to  They have helped me to become a better dental hygienist through their helpful videos. Lately, I especially like the ones on restorative dentistry so I can better help patients understand their treatment needs. There are a lot of offices that invest in their team and get an office subscription. You can watch these and learn techniques together during staff meetings or during down time. Learning is always informational with their unique site.  

What are some of your favorite resources that have helped you on your path as a hygienist?