Check Out This List of "EWWW" Things Our Coworkers Have Done

Now don’t take this article the wrong way,  dentistry is a very respectable profession but sometimes our human selves get in the way and can make things VERY interesting around the office. Check out the list I compiled, as reported by hygienists, of crazy things our coworkers have done at the office.

  1. Dipping loupes right into in the ultrasonic to “Clean” them

  2. Checked mobility with the end of the mirror, then 1 min. Later used that same end to itch his nose-eye area.

  3. Sucked on the high-speed suction (like siphoning) to clear a clog.

  4. Used a wrench from the toolbox to unscrew something in the patient's mouth.

  5. Used the demo Sonicare to brush his beard

  6. Eating their lunch out of the mixing bowl with the spatula.

  7. Clip their toenails and gather them on the desk between patients.

  8. Warmed up their bagel in the sterilizer. 


Have you witnessed crazy actions like this in your office? I have, and I always make sure to give a reminder that we work in a health profession and that infection control is very important. It doesn’t hurt to bring it up in a staff meeting for review as well. I would recommend that at least once per your office do an infection control review. Bring in research and reminded everyone about standard precautions and OSHA saftey.