Spear Education: Trade the Lecture for Oral Health Coaching

Here at Hygiene Edge, we are collaborating with Spear Education for our continuing education. You can see from my screenshot below that I was watching Trish O'Hare's lecture called, "Trade the Lecture for Oral Health Coaching." 

I loved the tips she gave on how to get patients to better their oral hygiene by changing your interviewing techniques. I certainly have some work to do on asking open-ended question.

I also appreciated her words about being a coach, who wants the patient to win at their home care, versus a lecturer who can easily over-educate.

She said that we as dental professionals are oral health coaches. Which is a new label that I could get used to!


Spear Education is very interactive, as you can assign lessons to other staff members and join discussion about the topic with other dental professionals. You can take quizzes at the end of the courses that will count towards your CE's.