Student Feature- Fantazia -Future Dental Hygienist


We love you students! We were there once and we know how hard dental hygiene school is. We are always excited to hear what you are up to. We recently networked with a hygiene student and fellow You Tuber Fantazia. 

She is currently attending Atlanta Technical College and so far what she likes the best about school is, " clinic is my overall favorite; being able to meet so many different people and change someone's confidence with a dental cleaning free of charge is the best feeling!"

Her favorite subjects are oral embryology & dental hygiene lecture. Which, by-the-way Fantazia, I have been teaching embryology for the last 5 years and I love it too!

In school, she likes, "an instructor who is able to break down each topic and have an open discussion, and help hygiene students think outside the box."

When she graduates she would, "like to first start off as a Temp for a few years and also during that time travel with Global Dental Relief to different countries and change the lives of individuals who may not have access to dental care, it would be an amazing experience. Once I finish that phase of my life I want to work in a private practice, and be able to help my local community as well."

When asked if she had any funny stories from hygiene school her response was, "I’ve had SO many funny hygiene stories, That's the main reason I’ve felt like I have been able to make it through the program. My classmates are amazing people!" 

Her great advice for those hygiene students just starting out is,

"start strong, stay strong and finish strong!"

If you want to learn more about Fantazias' dental hygiene experience check out her YouTube channel HERE. Also, as a side note, we all have to budget our way through hygiene school, so check out her side job of providing hair extensions for others at