The Dental Hygiene Scoop


Here is the scoop on interesting things about oral health that you may have missed this month.

1. Hate probing? Find out HERE about an up-and-coming technique where patients will swish with ink from a squid that flows into the pockets; then an image is taken that reads all the probe depths. YAY, we will be even more loved by patients, and we will all have calibrated probe depths.

2. A teething ring for erupting 3rd molars is a real thing. A dental student invented the EZteether for those whose wisdom teeth are coming in. Check them out HERE I suppose it is slightly more sophisticated looking than having your 17 year old chew on a baby teething ring.

3. Get ready for patients asking about CNN's report about a study about fluoride exposure in utero is linked to lower IQ in kids. RDH magazine wrote an awesome article on how to address this with your patients HERE.

4. This month the Modern Hygienist reported about the 8 crazies dental emergencies HERE. The one about a tomato seed sprouting in the gingiva is GROSS!!!!!! What is the nastiest thing you have found in the mouth? Mine was a fingernail wrapped around the facial of 20. EWWW

5. What is an RDA value? Check out our video HERE, as patients are asking about how abrasive toothpastes are. 

6. I love new products! Check out the Optragate HERE, and get those cheeks out of your working way.