November Favorites Hygiene Round Up


Anyone have patients that are into naturopathic remedies? New studies show that pomegranates help with healing at extraction sites.

Have you read this book? As a woman in the workforce, I'm obsessing over it right now. What are you reading right now?

Congratulations Pennsylvania on passing legislation to let dental hygienists practice in alternative settings.

Now that hygienists can go into nursing homes in more and more states, new measurements of health are popping up, and including things like oral hygiene and oral function. Do you use this type of measurement tool if you work in alternative settings?

Did you sign up for this brush? What's your opinion?

This vintage mug is pretty amazing.

This is the new go-to baby gift.

Cocofloss is now available at Sephora.

We love podcasts. Do you listen? Currently we're listening to this.