Dental Toys for the Young and Old


1. Hu Friedy Nevi Plush

Unfortunately, these cute Nevi Scalers can't be purchased. Hu Friedy does do regular giveaways from them on their social media accounts and they give them out at events like RDH Under One Roof. If you order Hu Friedy instruments, ask your rep about them and they could maybe find a way for you to get your own.

2. Lilac Paper Company Tooth Fairy Plush

This cute little plush is perfect for gifts with little ones. On the back, it has a little pocket to place primary teeth for the Tooth Fairy to find. They only a few days days left on their Kickstarter, so if you want your own, go check it out and support today! They have lots of other great gift ideas on their website as well.

3. Ikea Toothbrush Plush

I mean, how can you NOT want an amazing giant toothbrush plush? One of my personal favorites, as well as my daughters.

4. Smilemakers Tooth Toy Set

With giveaways like tooth sunglasses, a tooth fairy tiara, and a tooth shaped stress ball, any dental profession would want one of each for themselves as well as their kids, nieces, nephews, neighbors, etc. Is it bad to order this set for Halloween to give to trick or treaters?

5. I Heart Guts Tooth Plush

So cute wisdom tooth that isn't super "cutesy" like a lot of dental products. They also have other amazing organs which would be perfect for friends or patients going through other medical procedures.