Hygienist Spotlight- Krystal Frankfurt


Name: Krystal Frankfurt

From: Grew up on a dairy farm in Gibbon, MN. Lived in Australia, Germany, Nevada, and currently; Montana.

Where and when you Graduated DH School: Minnesota State University, Mankato -May 2012. Studied abroad in Australia and got to visit the “Crazy Dentist” of Australia

Favorite Part of Dental Hygiene: Knowing that I can help someone and make a difference in their life and health!


Funny story from school or practice? Oh boy, which one! I will start with the most recent. I was doing my chart notes when I noticed my patient from earlier that day was checking out at the front desk. I saw their date of birth on the top of my chart read todays date, so I exclaimed “[Patients name]! Happy 48th birthday! Hope you have a great birthday!” and their blank expression turning into a confused looked smiled back with no words exchanged. As I turned back and continued in my chart notes, I thought to myself “that’s weird they didn’t say anything, maybe I did the math wrong”. I continued writing when I realized I had someone else’s chart! It was at that point I completely turned red because I not only called my patient the wrong name/age but gave them a “happy birthday wish” that turned out to be 8 months ahead.

In the military I was instructed to called my patients by their rank and last name. I had been working for about 3 months mind you, calling them by their rank and last name. Well one day, the patient I called back started laughing. When we got to the patient room and they informed me they had to tell me something. I was shocked to find out SSG wasn’t pronounced S-S-G but STAFF SERGENT! (and you can imagine all the other ranks I butchered.) It all made sense why sometimes my patients were unsure when I was calling them back and received lots of smiles.

One day when I got home my husband informed me his tooth just “fell out!” I looked inside his mouth and indeed he did lose something, but rather than “his tooth”, it was a crown. Coincidently it was hailing out and we were about to get in the car to head to the dentist. I asked if he had remembered to bring his crown. He dug in his pocket grabbing his white crown to confirm he had it and then accidentally dropped it on the ground. WHILE it was hailing. We spend hours digging, sorting, and deciphering what could be a crown or hail. After hours of only finding hail, we gave up and spent a big chunk for a new crown.

Last one is the greatest memory from hygiene school. I laugh every time I tell this story! I placed fluoride varnish on my patient and told them not to eat or drink for 8 hours. Later I ran into their mom I thanked her for her son helping me out. That’s when I found out it all went well except he was starving! I had accidentally told them 8 hours instead of saying nothing hard or crunchy for 4-6 hours. At least we know the fluoride was absorbed!

Eight grade I knew I wanted to go into dental hygiene. My dad went to the dentist for routine care and they found a lump on his jaw. After referring him, he was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He was able to catch it in Stage 1 and after going through chemo and radiation, he is now 13 years cancer free! That’s when I knew I wanted to pursue hygiene.

Any advice for a dental hygiene student? Stay positive and keep working! Be proud of the things you’re learning—everything you learn will help you to help others!