How to Start a Caries Remineralization Program- Part 1

I remember as a new grad sitting there perplexed (sound familiar?) as a female patient with immaculate oral hygiene in the chair with a mouth full of caries.  She was understandably frustrated.  I tried remembering what I learned in hygiene school and couldn't come up with anything beyond brush-floss-rinse&repeat.

I even pulled the other hygienist aside and asked her what I should do.  She said "some people just have soft teeth."  I couldn't accept this.  

I went home and read and read.  I learned about the role bacteria plays in caries. I learned about a natural sweetener found in fruits, vegetables and even you body makes it- it's called xylitol.  There are over 2000 studies done and it decreases caries substantially. 

The office I worked at started a caries remineralization program with xylitol.  The kits flew off the shelf.  The only problem was- I was the only person (at the beginning) that could confidently discuss xylitol.  I want you to be able to confidently share this product with your patients.

Here is a video I made with ABC 4 in Utah discussing Xylitol.  


Coming up soon:

Part 1:  What is xylitol
Part 2:  How to explain xylitol to patients
Part 3: How to get xylitol in your office