No More Sharpening


Yay, no more sharpening!! LM Instruments has created an instrument that you don't  sharpen.  Now, I know you are saying... I will sharpen them anyways, but NO  I am serious when I say DON'T SHARPEN these.  Some of the features we like are:

1. Obviously that you DON'T sharpen them. They are sharp and they will stay sharp. So don't do it!

2. You replace them as often as you do your current instruments. For example, if you currently replace your instruments yearly then you will do the same with these. It really depends, just like your other instruments, on how often you are using them.

3. The wide silicone handle is very ergonomic! It WILL feel new at first, as these are the widest handled instruments I had ever used, but the adjustment time is short, like 1 day short. 


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(Winner will be announced by December 22nd.) 

5. Check them out in our video below.