Hygiene Edge's Favorite Things

Happy Holiday Season, Hygienists!

We've rounded up some of our must haves for our first ever Hygiene Edge's Favorite things! These are some of our favorite produts that help us get through the craziest of hygiene days and hopefully they will help you too! What are your favorite things as a dental hygeinist? Check out some of our favorites, then enter to win a few of them! Learn how to win at the end of the article. 



Hydration at work is a MUST! We love the Hydroflask because they'll keep your water cold all day, even if the fridge is full of everyone's week old lunches. We especially love the straw feature on some of the bottles.


Buxom Waterproof Mascara

Wearing loupes is tough on mascara. It always ends up on our faces. We've tried so many brands, and have found Buxom waterproof to hold on during the day! Plus, its half off today for Black Friday.



Lyon Road Art

Lyon Road has the BEST dental prints for your op or even your home bathroom. We think they'd be a great gift for a hard to shop for boss or dentist and are unique enough that they will love them.


Back Massager 

Have you tried this Back Buddy Massager? It works so well on a tight hygiene back and can concentrate on sore shoulders or tight lower backs.


Young Dental Hand Piece

With it's contra-angled connector, it takes so much off the cord weight off, making a long hygiene day more comfortable. It also lets the prophy cup spin 360 degrees to help reach those tricky 3rd molarsPlus, it comes in purple so what's not to love? You can win your very own by following their Facebook page, then commenting on this post on your favorite hygiene thing.


Fig Scrubs Top

This Rafaela top is comfy and wearable but so flattering. We love the longer tunic length for hygiene since we are constantly sitting, bending, and stretching. The fabric is light and comes in 


Jojo's Dark Chocolate

Welcome to the holidays at a dental office, which always means endless supply of treats. Keep these high protein, low sugar dark chocolate bars stashed in your bag to munch on to satisfy your sweet tooth.

What to win a Young Hygiene Handpiece, a Lyon Road Art piece, and some Jojo's Chocolate? Make sure you're following both Hygiene Edge and Young Dental on Facebook, then comment below on something you love to help get you through your work day.