Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month


It’s October- the best month of the year! How are you celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month? We have a few ideas that will make the month a little more fun, help educate your current patients, and may even bring in a few new ones.

1.    Film a simple video on proper brushing, floss, and how to use an interproximal aid and post them on your social media accounts. With the holiday season coming up, your patients definitely need a refresher to keep their oral hygiene habits up.

2.    Do a toothbrush trade in. Have people from your community, patients or not, be able to come to your office to trade in old toothbrushes for new ones. You could include OHE cards in the bags, as well as business cards. Advertise your event with a Facebook ad.

3.    Get all your hygiene friends that are still in your area together for lunch. Bring old photos of your hygiene school days because nothing is better than seeing you all together in the same colored scrubs that you still can’t wear to this day.

4.    Make tiaras out of medium toothbrushes, since no one should be using them, for the hygienists (that includes yourself!) in your office.

5.    Contact your local news or radio station. See if they’d be interested in doing a short segment on oral hygiene habits or dental fads. These segments are usually casual and only a couple minutes. It’d be great exposure for hygienists, for our office, and for your resume! If you need ideas on what to talk about, email us!

6.    Read a new book! Right now we are reading Teeth, an interesting look at dental care in America, how it has changed over the years, and the important role of dental hygienists.

7.    Are painted rocks popular where you are? Paint some rocks with a dental theme or dental facts and hide them around your town. Put your office name on the back and even a hashtag so you can see where they end up!

Make October the best month by setting a few new traditions for yourself and your office. Hygienists are smart, kind, and educated and definitely deserve being celebrated!

What do you do to celebrate the month?