Dental Hygienist Spotlight: Susan Cornwell




Name: Susan Cornwell

Schooling: I attended Western Carolina University from 92-94 and then transferred to Asheville Buncombe Community College for 94-96 where I received my Associates in Allied Health.

Where do you work now? I have worked in specialty offices such as perio, pedo, clinical health department setting and for the last twelve years for Dr. Jason Shook which is a great general dentist office. I currently work three days a week and also occasionally do temp work in the Western part of North Carolina. I am also the OSHA coordinator for our office for the last 5 years.


What's one piece of advice you'd give a new hygiene grad? I have had some work related aches and pains and wish I could tell my younger self to learn all you can about ergonomics in the dental office and do it!

I have three great kids and my oldest is working as a dental assistant at a local orthodontic office. Dentistry is a field where you can be set in your ways or open to new ideas and techniques. I choose to stay motivated, to never stop learning. I choose to get to know my patients, to help people have good dental health and love their smile. Its the prettiest thing we will ever wear.

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