Getting To Know Us: Shelley Brown, RDH, BSDH

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the one, the only, Shelley Brown. I have had the privilege to be Shelley’s student, colleague, co-worker, business partner and friend. Shelley’s first and foremost passion and priority is her family and she treats those in her circle of influence like her family. When I was a student, in the throws of dental hygiene stress, it was always a relief to see her walk into clinic. Shelley has been an instructor at the Utah College of Dental Hygiene for 7 years and my feelings about her as an instructor have been shared by the over 500 students she has taught.  I compiled a few of my favorite comments from those students and feel that they introduce Shelley well.

“She always made me feel like I was doing ok and that I was going to make it even when I felt like I was never going to pass. She was relatable. Easy to talk to or ask questions.”

“The thing I loved most about Ms Brown was that she was REAL!”

Shelley IS “relatable,” approachable and “real” because of how she has chosen to share her life experience. There was a time where she could have gotten stuck in feeling like she was never going to pass and should just give up. Shelley applied 7 times to Hygiene programs in a 4 year span and was finally admitted to the Utah College of Dental Hygiene. She was determined to show the world that she was Hygienist material and would be the best hygienist around.  Students with gratitude now exclaim that Ms. Brown “knows EVERYTHING” and “We can always ask her anything and she will always have an answer for us. There wasn't anything she didn't know, and she would teach you it in a way you would remember!”

Shelley went on to score a 100% on her clinical WREB exam and 96% on her National written exam!

If she saw a problem she was willing to help with a solution.” Shelley saw a need to help hygienists and our conversations quickly snowballed into what is now Hygiene Edge. I am grateful to have Shelley because she has a gift to teach. “She is an extremely patient teacher. She also did so much to help build my confidence. I couldn't possibly list all the tips and tricks she gave me to make me the hygienist that I am.”  With Hygiene Edge we are happy to share her with the world of hygienists.

“You could tell she honestly wanted us to succeed!” Shelley truly has the desire to see all hygienists succeed and become their best selves.

“I loved the one-on-one time. I felt like I learned so much from her.” I invite you to watch some of our youtube videos and have your own one-on-one time with Shelley and our team.

Ms Brown didn't just sit there and waited for someone to ask for her help. She always went around and help with whatever you were doing that day. You as a student don't always know when you need help. She always gave you great suggestions, wonderful tips, some shortcuts, and little tricks that made you a better clinician. She made you feel special (in a good way) hahaha

As Hygienists we often don't know when we need help, when our skills have become dull and need a little sharpening. Shelley doesn’t wait to help, click on one of our videos and sharpen your skills. You have someone in your corner, just one click away. Her name is Shelley Brown.