Getting To Know Us Here At Hygiene Edge

                                      Candi Kidd

                                      Candi Kidd

We decided as a team that we should let you know more about those who run Hygiene Edge behind the scenes. So, it is my pleasure to spotlight one of our 4 founders- Candi Kidd. Candi wanted to be a dental hygienist when she was young because of her dental hygienist, whose name was also Candi. She would tease, "This Candi is good for your teeth," and that sealed the deal.

She attended the Utah College of Dental Hygiene from 2009-2011. At this time, it was my pleasure to be one of her clinical instructors. I could tell that she was going to be an amazing dental hygienist. How did I know? Well, because she had to fight for it. She had several hurdles come up while in school and I saw that with each one, she was determined not to let it get the best of her. One piece of advice she'd give herself if she was still in dental hygiene school is, "I would tell myself to get a routine for my day! To have a set time when I exercised, studied, cooked, and cleaned. I felt like I was in a constant "crisis" state in hygiene school and I know that systems and routines would have helped a lot."

When she graduated, she had to get creative in finding a job in a saturated market. I watched as her used the tips from the website Get Hired RDH to create an amazing online portfolio/resume to find her first hygiene job. At the same time, I received the opportunity to teach a Practice Management course for dental hygienists, in which Candi became a great resource for. She also became a huge advocate for xylitol and was able to present information on it on Good Things Utah, a local TV show. Candi's favorite part of being a dental hygienist is, "hands down, patient education."

Over the years, we stayed in touch. I saw how dedicated she was to the profession, so I told her, "Someday, we should write a book together," in which her reply was, "What has already been done." Her bigger views led us to dream up Hygiene Edge.

Even thought she is a successful dental hygienist, her most important work is being a mother. She has 3 beautiful children and is currently practicing mommyhood full time.