Tips and Tricks for Purchasing Scrubs

Professional and uniform dress instills patient confidence in you as a professional. Here are a few tips and tricks in order for uniforms to instill confidence in you.

1. Make sure you try them on. I was in a hurry at the scrub store, you know the days when you get there right before they close and you just grab “your size”. Well, they were HUGE. I have the same “size” in a different brand but the fit was as far from comparable as apples to oranges.

2. Wrinkle Free is the way to be. I remember when I was in school, we’d be subject to a point deduction if we came in wrinkly scrubs. I remember being so frustrated because I swear those scrubs would wrinkle in an instant. Thankfully now, I have the flexibility to choose my own scrub fabric. If you are employed at a place that has pre-ordered scrubs, I would encourage you to have a discussion with your employer about allowing you to choose your own brand as long as you stay in the dress code parameters.

3. Choose colors that are flattering. I have a coworker who makes sure she has a black set of scrubs so when she temps in any office she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Black looks professional on everybody. However, even black can look bad if it looks like you are wearing a garbage bag.

4. It is important that you chose scrubs that have a flattering cut for your body type. I prefer scrub pants with BOTH a drawstring and an elastic waist band to make sure my pants stay up. My favorite scrub tops have a slimmer cut in the waist, buttoned backs or gathering that flatter my shape. I have found the type of fabric has as much to do with the fit as the cut does. As Dental Hygienists, we need fabric that will keep us cool, will stretch with our movement and keep us covered as we move. I prefer a fabric with some stretch. I also look for scrubs with easy access pockets to help me not lose pens and notes.

We’d love to know what makes your scrubs instill confidence in you and help you present yourself in a professional manner. What do you do?

Jessica is wearing Eon Active scrubs, the newest line of scrubs from Maevn Uniforms. We want to give a huge thank you to them for letting us out try their new scrubs!