How to Teach Your Patients To Clean Their Lower Anteriors More Effectively

I do a lot of oral hygiene education. I do it for my patients to live a healthier life, aaannnd because I'm kind of lazy, I don't want to clean as much when I see my patient in six months ;).

If a patient uses a manual tooth brush they should be dry brushing starting on the lower right linguals.  Research shows patients brush more effectively and longer. In addition to dry brushing I have my patients use many different directions on the LA- vertical, horizontal and oblique. I read an article in a hygiene magazine years ago (I can't remember the magazine) and I have been astonished how much more effective patients are at keeping the lower anterior teeth clean.

I always tell my patients that I want to "adjust" his or her technique to make him or her more effective.  I actually take the toothbrush out of the packaging and demonstrate in the patients mouth- showing the bass technique and where I want the patient to start.  After I've demonstrated, I put the tooth brush back in the packaging and in the patients bag.  

Patients have been VERY receptive and grateful, and I usually have a lot less to clean in 6 months ;) 

What to know more about how I teach this skill? Check out me educating a patient on dry brushing HERE.

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