Are You a Buffalo or Cow Hygienist?

Use your imagination and picture a heard of large, powerful buffalo happily grazing on green grass.  Next to the buffalo is a heard of cows also happily grazing. Off in the distance storm clouds appear,  rain begins beating down, thunder shakes the ground below and lightening lights up the sky.  The storm begins to move closer and closer. The cows take off running away from the storm as fast as their short legs will take them.  The Buffalos, on the other hand, charge towards storm-quickly passing through it. Meanwhile, the storm catches up with the slow running cows.  The cows keep trying to run away but the storm just moves along with them.

Let's be honest, besides buffalo (and maybe therapist) no one runs towards discomfort.  But the faster you go through it, the faster it's over.

I've had times in my career that I've been a cow. Something new and unfamiliar was introduced and I was afraid/didn't want to take the time to learn it.  Initially implementing the technology would slow me down from what I was used to and so I didn't bother. I dragged my feet on something I new would be a blessing once I mastered it.

 I watched other hygienists charge towards and through the awkwardness of learning the new system and they happily went on more efficient than ever.

Are you a cow or buffalo when...

A new system is introduced:
Do you happily look foolish for a few days while learning everything you can about it OR do you just learn enough to get by?

A conflict arises at work:  Do you avoid the person and tell everyone else how bad the person treated you OR do you work it out with the person of concern?

Your body signals you that it is experiencing pain: Do you make the proper adjustments and get the proper help or do you "work through" the pain?

Hygiene Edge Challenge:  Be a Buffalo.

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