What Is Expected Of Me?

“What is expected of me if I join ADHA,” is asked on the FAQ’s section on the ADHA website. I am sure I am not the only Dental Hygienist who feels that time is the only commodity that is tighter than money, and you may feel the association asks for both of these and even MORE time and money than you have. I love the ADHA’s response to this question, “the benefits of membership are limited only by your limited involvement.” The value placed on your career goes hand-in-hand with the value placed on membership in your professional association.

You are not required to actively participate in ADHA. In today's fast-paced world, not all members are able to do so. Some members are only able to support ADHA and the dental hygiene profession by contributing through membership dues. There are so many benefits to becoming a member of ADHA, one being that you will be informed on the issues that affect you and your profession. Becoming active in ADHA can give you the opportunity to acquire and develop new skills and interests, such as leadership, public speaking, etc.”

There is a time and season for all things and I invite you to evaluate if now is the time or season for you to not only pay your monetary dues but to impact your profession by donating of your time and talents.

When I was a new graduate, I found myself in need of some mentoring and felt I didn't have any time to offer. I decided to become involved in my local component where I was able to rub shoulders with hygienists who still have a positive and influential impact on my professional life. The decision to become involved while at first seemed daunting and time consuming gave me more than I ever gave to it. It actually turned out to require less time and I was able to grow into positions that were more demanding without feeling like I was drowning. This was made possible through the hygienists who were already serving.

The component was struggling at the time but with the united effort of each of the board members we were able to increase membership, attendance at CE’s, and stabilize the leadership roles, all without feeling like I had another part-time job. I feel like this was possible by starting small, relying on each other and keeping expectations reasonable. Even when we don't feel like we have the money, or the time, when we give being involved a chance it often surprises us by being just the thing we needed.

Need more motivation to get involved more in our profession? Check out our recent podcast about my experience serving in my local component below.