The Formula to Happier Patients


"My hygienist wasn't that great. She only used the water." - My Aunt

"My hygienist was super lazy. She didn't even use the water." - My Sister

"My hygienist said I need shots in my mouth and all this stuff... I don't know why. I think she was just confused with all the bleeding." - My Friend

"My dentist wants me to come back after the root canal to get a crown, instead of having the endodontist do the crown. He is definitely trying to get my money." - Another Sister

Yes, there will be some patients that are NEVER happy. But, I think you'll see an increase in satisfaction and compliance among your patients by following the formula below.

State Observation + What you're going to do and why + "Let me know"

Here is an example for a patient that has generalized gingivitis.

Observation: You have 10 areas in your mouth with an active bacterial infection. We used to not be as aggressive treating gingivitis. However, studies are finding a strong link between your body and your overall health. I'm going to do everything I can here and then "adjust" your brushing slightly so you'll be more effective at home.

Procedure/Why: Research shows a mix between this water instrument and hand instruments are the most effective way for removing the harmful bacteria.

"Let me know": If you experience any discomfort, please let me know.

Hygiene Edge Challenge: Follow the above formula for 2 procedures per patient.