Getting to Know Us: Meet Melia, RDH, BSDH

Melia is one of those people that has a presence.  She is the person that when you're not sure which direction to go, you look at her.  But its not a loud presence, but more like there is a quiet confidence and charisma about her- that allows her to do amazing things without making them seem like it was a big deal. I don't think I've met someone that is so grounded/analytical, yet, so creative (rare combination).  Melia sees a need and she fills it.  Undoubtedly, Hygiene Edge would not be as effective without her contribution.  

You have to meet her! Read below.

Why did I want to become a dental hygienist?

Honestly, Dental Hygiene wasn't my first choice for a career. I always wanted to be a doctor. However, my dad is a dentist and loves it. Seeing him love his profession, treating patients, and patient's loving him, inspired me to try out a dental career. And I'm so glad I did! Dental Hygiene is definitely one the best careers on the planet. There is always something to learn and something to grow at.


The best part of dental hygiene:

So many! First off, there are so many amazing hygienists to meet and learn from. Dental Hygienists are some of the smartest, kindest, and hardworking people! Getting to know so many different ones through working in offices, through the American Dental Hygiene Association, and through going to conferences has been amazing. Second, there is always something new and exciting going on in dental hygiene. There are always better ways of doing things, better instruments being released, or new techniques to make the practice of dental hygiene even better. It is so interesting to keep up with them all and it makes dental hygiene interesting. Third, the patients. As a dental hygienist, you spend about an 1 hour with a complete stranger in very close contact. You get to know so many personal details about a person so fast and can be come friends quickly. You grow to love and trust your patients just like they are family.


Favorite part of a dental hygiene day:

Treating and educating a periodontally involved patient, and sharpening instruments! If there was a sharpening company near by, I would definitely apply for a job there!


Funny story from dental hygiene:

Mine was from dental hygiene school. I was treating a wonderful 90 year old woman that happens to grow up in the same town I am from, so we had an instant connection. She had partial upper and lower dentures, and I had placed them in an ultrasonic bath in Ziploc bags to be cleaned. After chatting with my patient and educating on some home care things, I went back to the ultrasonic and the dentures were missing! As a first year dental hygiene student, I freaked out and ran around the entire clinic trying to find them. Turns out, another student had accidentally taken them since their patient also had partials. Thank heavens they hadn't tried them in or given them to their patient.