Five Simple Marketing Tips that Take Less Than an Hour

Feeling overwhelming with marketing your dental or dental hygiene practice? Though hours and hundreds of dollars can be spent on marketing, here a few quick tips to get you started.

1.     Get rid of the “Dental Smell”. It’s hard to pin point exactly what the smell is, especially since we are so immune to it. However, one of the biggest complains of patients is the smell of the dental office. To help, try putting a mild air freshener in the front room and bathroom. You could also go latex free since the smell of latex is associated with medical procedures and pain. Or, get rid of the cold sterile since it has such a strong odor and pretty much everything that isn’t single use can be autoclaved. Air conditioning filters being changed regularly can also help limit the "dental smell".

2.     Hang up diplomas and recent CE certificates. Having these on the walls show patients how educated you are and how you’ve made it a priority know the latest techniques and technologies.

3.     Whiten your teeth. As the hygienist, you’re a walking billboard for the office you work for. You could even bring it up with your dentist, and maybe they’ll get on board with whitening or ortho for the entire office.

4.     Make sure your paperwork looks professional. If your health history paperwork looks like its been photocopied 100 times, is grainy, or has spelling errors, your patient’s won’t take the paperwork as serious has it should be. Thorough health histories are important for dental treatment, so make sure they look as important as they are. If needed, create a new form and add your office logo at the top. Bonus points here if you add color to your forms.

5.     Make sure your information on Google is correct. Now this seems simple and silly, but so many numbers and addresses are incorrect online. Since most patients get their information off the internet, it's crucial to have this vital information correct. To check, Google your office and see what presents. If the information is incorrect, contact Google to have it changed.

These are simple steps to change in the office, but will make a big impact on current and new patients.