New Floss Spotlight-COCOFLOSS

Cocobox is on a mission to transform flossing into a more rewarding and delightful experience. The company’s first product, Cocofloss, is a soft, textured dental floss that is infused with flavor and has the ability to remove bacterial plaque. Patients and professionals love, and even crave, the squeaky, after-Cocofloss clean. They also love the Caribbean blue Cocofloss color that contrasts clearly with plaque removed. Patients feel and see progress flossing with Cocofloss.

Cocofloss is available via subscription to help patients build healthier habits. Flossing daily, patients should finish their 32-yard Cocofloss in two months. Cocobox also offers a variety of educational articles on oral hygiene with fresh, colorful illustrations. Topics range from “How to Floss” to “Those Stubborn Stains Explained.”

Dr. Chrystle Cu founded Cocofloss with her sister, Catherine, to inspire people to take better care of their smiles. As a doctor who is passionate about prevention, Dr. Cu hopes to inspire her friends and patients to floss daily so that they can keep their “teeth for life” (#teeth4lyfe). The company has also partnered with the non-profit organization Philos Health to provide oral health supplies to kids in Bohol, Philippines where over 80% of children have untreated cavities.

Cocobox invites everyone to join the “floss party revolution” and to keep their teeth for life.  


Check out our helpful floss tips video to see Cocofloss in action. 

To win your own Cocofloss to try out, comment below on your current favorite floss or interdental aid!