Oral Hygiene Education Week- White Lab Jackets

What you wear to work matters and effects both you and your patient. Wearing a white lab coat has a positive effect on both.

1. Wearing a white lab coat portrays trust, respect and confidence in you from the patient. Do you think you'd be asked if you have a degree or went to school to be a hygienists if you were wearing a white lab coat? Though there is not officially a study at this time, we've heard from office's experiences that case acceptance goes up when a dentist and a dental hygienist goes up when they wear white lab coats. 

2. Studies show that when healthcare professionals wear white, they act different. They are more confident, and take pride in their profession. Who wouldn't want more confidence in treating patients and changing their oral and overall heath?

If you decide to only make one difference in your OHE routine, we recommend adding a white lab jacket. How you feel and how you act will trickle down to many different aspects of your hygiene practice.