Boom Baby, That's How To Do Hygiene Recall Like a Pro

Most of the time there are things in every profession that you don't realize you will be doing when you chose to purse it. Recall, recare, continuing care or preventive care (whatever you want to call it) phone calls was one of those things for me. I didn't realize that hygienists need to be proficient in "telemarketing." Personally I would rather be treating patients, but that is an issue for a blog post on another day.  

The skill of knowing how to make a successful recall phone call does often times come with the job description. I am not a natural on the phone and quite frankly doing recall scared me for a long time. I figured that many of our viewers were probably feeling the same stresses so I created an easy to follow phone script for you to use while doing recall. Leave a comment in the post below and I will e-mail you the PDF Version. 

Special notes on how to use the script sheet

1. If you have to leave a message tell them that you have a question concerning their appointment. No, they don't have an appointment scheduled but you would like to schedule one. This will usually get them to call the office back thinking, what appointment did I schedule? If you leave a message only saying, " it is time for a check up, please call us back,"  99% of the time you wont get a call back. 

2. Don't take no for an answer. They are going to give you a reason that they don't want to schedule. My rule of thumb is to try and have a solution to the reason for them saying no. As shown on the script sheet, it will most of the time be, "I don't have time," OR, "I don't have money." Check the script sheet on how to answer these common, "no" responses. 

3. Keep it positive, upbeat and try to remember that you are doing this to help keep their mouths healthy for a lifetime. 

Leave your e-mail in the comments below if you want a printable PDF version.