How To Clean a Denture With An Ultrasonic Scaler

We have several new videos up that may be helpful to you. One of my favorites is the one on how to clean a denture with an ultrasonic scaler. YES, even dentures can build up calculus. This is something I never learned in hygiene school, did any of you?  I did learn to put the denture in 2 Ziploc bags, fill it with tartar cleaner and place it in the instrument ultrasonic for 15 mins. However, I noticed that most often the calculus was still present on the denture after this process. Luckily,  as an assistant, I worked for a dentist that gave me some instruction on how to remove the calculus from a denture. Check out the video below to see how to do it for yourself. Let us know how it goes in your daily practice.  

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