Whitening Post Op Instructions

Even if a patient hasn’t been to the dentist in 20 years, or comes every 6 months, they always seem to have the same question- Can I whiten my teeth? 

There are hundreds of whitening products on the market, and each office recommends their own. But one thing that each product has in common and needs is good post op instructions. These instructions are so important to have the best outcome for the patient.  What to eat, what to stay away from, and possible sensitivity after treatment should all be included.

First, dark colored foods, drinks, and sauces should be avoided for at least 24 hours after whitening procedure. Teeth are susceptible to pick up stain after whitening has occurred since tubules in the teeth are now exposed. Avoiding these foods, such as dark sodas, sauces, red wine, grape juice, and coffee, will greatly increase the effect of the whitening treatment.

Next, patients should know that sensitivity after whitening is very common. This is so important to tell patients, especially if they have never whitened before. The last thing your doctor will want is a panicked phone call in the middle of the night because your patient has woken up with throbbing teeth! Explain to your patient that this can be normal, and over the counter pain medication and sensitive toothpaste can greatly decrease the pain.

Lastly, stress the importance of good oral hygiene after whitening. If teeth are sensitive, brushing and flossing may be the last thing they want to do. But helping keep bacteria off will help the new shade stay and help heal the gingiva faster if it happened to burn.

What are YOUR post op instructions that you recommend to your patient after whitening?

We’ve included a PFD of our post op instructions for you to save and print! 

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Printable Instructions HERE