How To Reach Those Hard To Access Areas

Wow this Craigslist posting for a hygienist had me in awe! I read it in an article in the December 2012 issue of the RDH magazine entitled IS THERE REALLY A HYGIENE SHORTAGE? 

"The World Wide Web is an excellent resource for job searching, if one is careful of the sources used in seeking employment. Sites requiring a fee for job postings are often less packed with offers of part-time work making thousands of dollars weekly — postings worth ignoring. Success in career placement has been found on sites ranging from to LinkedIn. The worst posting I witnessed this year came from and was forwarded to me by a frustrated dental hygienist."

“Dental practice in ______ seeking motivated Hygienist. Looking for someone who can complete task at hand so that I do not have to come in and finish the Distal lingual of the lower right and distal buccal of the upper left on every single patient. Also need you to come to staff meetings with an upbeat attitude, focused on trying to find ways to connect with your patients and help keep your schedule full, rather than have a chip on your shoulder and fail to participate in any meaningful manner. Position will start as part time but with the right person can become full time. With this economy and WDS, times are terrible for practice owners. Most of us have taken 50%-75% pay cuts. The gravy days are over. Pay will start at $35 per hour. Bumping up to the high 40s of yesterday will be determined on your skill level, ability to complete tasks at hand without emotional flare up and attitude. Most importantly, you will be expected to help in keeping your schedule full rather than expecting the front desk personnel to do it all for you. If you want employment, and are willing to put in an effort, send your resume.”

Of course this AD is a disgrace in all aspects but I show you this not to discourage you but to make you step back and ask yourself if you are able to reach #15 DB and #31 L. Are you going to staff meetings with a great attitude? Do you have a recall system in place in your office or do you have one that you can present to the dentist in an interview? Check out our latest video for tips on how to reach those hard to access areas.