Dental Hygienist Spotlight- Sara Toone

Name: Sara Toone

School: CNIH in Ottawa, graduated November 2009

Work: High Street Dental in McKenzie Towne, Calgary (Private Practice) 

What made you interested in dental hygiene? I was moving to Ottawa and my sister (who already lived there) suggested that I apply to the dental hygiene school where she got her treatment done because she thought I would make a good hygienist! 

Favorite Part of Dental Hygiene: Educating patients in perio/oral health, getting to know my patients and cultivating a trusting relationship, and seeing positive results in the long term! 

Funny or interesting story from your dental hygiene career: Not necessarily from practice, but one time I was walking down the mall with my sister and out of nowhere a denture fell on my head! We look up and there was an old man leaning over the side of the balcony, and he yelled to us "Hold that for me! I'll be right there!" We met him at the foot of the escalator and he asked if it was broken. I looked and saw a tooth had chipped off so I said "I think you're missing a tooth" and he looked right at me, and said "honey I'm missing a few teeth!" and popped his denture in and walked off. Haha! 

If you could give yourself one piece of advice while you were in school, what would it be? Be confident in your skills! 

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