The Easy Way To Remove an Overhang

We have all seen them before, the dreaded overhang just waiting to cause a periodontal pocket around it. Removal of an overhang was not something I learned about in dental hygiene school. So when a dentist first said to me, "Shelley, get that overhang off," I gave him my fake it until you make it look and went to work instrumenting the area. I found that using the same techniques as I would with a tenacious piece of calculus did the job of knocking it loose, but I struggled to get it to come out interpoximally. (I could tell I removed it from the surface, as it was not attached to the tooth as seen in a post op radiograph. I will take one if I don't see the overhang come out.)  Most of the time after a LONG struggle I could get it out by tying one-two knots in a piece of floss and threading it through. Then one day a seasoned hygienist gave me the best trick to get it out easily after instrumentation. Check it out for yourself in our newest video below.