Hygienist Spotlight- Mark Frias

We are so excited to announce our first Dental Hygiene Spotlight on Hygiene Edge! Here on Hygiene Edge, one of our goals is to inspire dental hygienists become their best. Hopefully we can be inspired from one another's experiences.

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Mark Frias, RDH


Gradated from:  Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA in 2007

Setting you Work in: full-time clinical, mostly pedo, mostly Medicaid patients.  I also invented and the sell the Kona Adapter and blog weekly at http://MarkRDH.com.


What interested you about going into dental hygiene?  I became interested in the medical field way back in 1995.  It then slowly evolved into dental and then into dental hygiene.  I like working with people one on one and dental hygiene is perfect for that.

To you, what’s the best part of dental hygiene?  This might sound silly, but I just love to debride, especially perio patients.  To me, it's like a form of meditation because I'm so focused.  I love it.  I may write a book someday called "The Zen of Scaling" : ).

Funny Story while working/practicing?  The dental hygiene instructors were so accustomed to working with female students that for two years they would constantly address the class as "ladies" and I would raise my hand and they would respond "and gentleman".

One piece of advice I wish I could give myself while in Hygiene School?  Do not waste your energy on maintaining high grades.  It only gets in the way of actual learning.

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