Hygienist Spotlight- Ashley Church

We're excited about our 2nd Hygienist Spotlight on Hygiene Edge! Today we are featuring Ashley Church, creator and owner of HYbands!



Ashley Church, RDH

Where you went to school: Southwestern College in San Diego 

Where you practice now: San Diego

What type of setting do you practice in: Private Practice 

Why did you get into dental hygiene: I have always had an interest in the field of dental hygiene! It wasn't an easy road, there were some bumps in the road and set backs but I was able to stick with it and now that I am a dental hygienist I am so thankful!

What do you love about hygiene now? I love working with my patients! Helping to ease my patients dental anxiety, educating, providing quality hygiene care, and witnessing the before and after is so rewarding to me! 

The history of your company: The idea for HYbands™ started in hygiene school. I partnered with my sister Natasha and together we made it grow. We wanted to be more than just a product and wanted to find a way to give back to the community so we partnered with Smile Train- an international childrens charity to help repair cleft lip and palate. We are very excited to see what the future holds for HYbands™!

If you could give advice to a hygiene student, what would it be? Study hard, give as many injections as you can, see as many tough patients as you can, and challenge yourself in clinic because things move much quicker in the "real world" and the more experience you can get in school, the more prepared you'll be when looking for jobs! But just keep going! School is going to be tough but nothing worth having comes easy!  (Oh, and watch Hygiene Edge videos! They helped me!) ;)

UPDATE! The winner of the 2 HYBands is Brette Martinez! Please email us @ hygieneedge@gmail.com with your mailing address!

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